Large enough to provide for all of your needs, yet small enough to care!

Large enough to provide for all of your needs, yet small enough to care!

About IcareLabs

Icare  Industries was established in 1968 by John W. Payne. John was an industrial engineer who had worked in the optical field with the leaders of that day.  Today, Icare Industries is  managed by Mr. Payne's sons, Scott Payne (CEO) and Skip Payne (President) and is a family owned business with long standing commitments to its local community.  IcareLabs was ranked in 2012 by Vision Monday as the fifth largest independently owned manufacturer of prescription eyewear and related products in the United States.

What distinguishes IcareLabs from other wholesale laboratories in the industry? Our independence. We are not a division of a larger company that has consolidated other manufacturers. This independence empowers us and gives us the ability to provide the best product neutral solutions for our clients.   It allows us to be an authorized distributor of Varilux, Sola, Shamir, Zeiss, Hoya, Kodak and many other premium brands.

Through the years, IcareLabs has made monumental changes in the production of all its lenses. The computerized technology used in the laboratory enables better monitoring and control in the various stages of lens production. IcareLabs follows a step by step process for producing each customized lens and this process is under strict control to ensure that the product provided meets the IcareLabs seal of approval. There are various inspection points that all lenses must pass in order to meet our standard of quality.  These points help to regulate the overall finished product and guarantee quality that meets all customers' levels of satisfaction.

IcareLabs continues to strive for excellence and is dedicated to developing internal efficiencies within the daily operations. These enhance the final quality of all lenses distributed and further meet all product expectations.  All of the elements are combined to ensure that IcareLabs has fulfilled your requirements and needs; ultimately, helping you build a reliable business with results you can count on.