Introducing ICE AR from IcareLabs!


Extreme Quality, Extreme Value

Experience one of the most advanced AR Treatment technologies that’s perfectly priced. ICare Extreme AR (ICE AR) is the perfect way to help you tap into a vast segment of patients not currently wearing AR lenses.

profit potential ice ar

With ICE AR lenses, you can provide your patients with a high-quality and affordable AR solution that out-performs the competition. As a result, you can tap into this lucrative segment of value-minded patients and differentiate your practice by offering the best Value AR solution.

This AR Treatment is extremely advanced, utilizing Essilor® patented technology which includes super hydrophobic scratch-resistant top coat and the Pad Control System™. This will give your patients superior durability and cleanability with a contact angle of 110º and up to 97% light transmission.

This all equates to high patient satisfaction at an extremely reasonable price!




ICE AR lenses top the competition when it comes to cleanability. Plus, after two years of wear, they still rank on top according to the Colts Stain Release Test.


Extreme Patient Satisfaction, Extreme Profit

According to the AR Council, if you sell one additional ophthalmic lens prescription each day that includes AR, at an average retail price of $75, you can earn up to $14,000 in new business over one year. That’s an attractive margin of around $40 per pair!

  • Overall AR sales will increase by offering a value option
  • By offering a breadth of AR options, you will feel comfortable selling all selections to patients with different needs
  • Increase the trial of AR in your practice – it breeds repeat buyers
  • If you do your own edging the Pad Control System can help reduce breakage by up to 20%

Patients care about value-driven options. In fact, 62% of those without AR are looking to get the most for their money. Icare Extreme AR lenses are the best option because they deliver:

  • Outstanding quality
  • High performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Advanced technology

Reaching your goals and getting patients excited about AR and now ICE AR lenses, has never been easier.

Start offering ICE AR lenses today!