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This page contains Kodak lens resources for your use. Few brands are as recognized or known the world over as Kodak. Founded by George Eastman in 1888, the Kodak brand dominated the photographic film market during the 20th century. Their expertise in imaging earned them 90% of the market in the United States alone.

Today, Kodak Lenses represent the continuation of this legendary tradition of imaging expertise through advanced optical digital technology. Every Kodak Lens is individually crafted to the highest possible standards. This ensures that the Kodak Lens you choose will provide you richer, clearer, more vibrant and colorful vision. What’s more, we provide a full manufacturing warranty for normal wear and tear with every Kodak Lens. The legacy of Kodak Lens performance and innovation is found in every pair. (taken from http://kodaklens.com/en/about)

Kodak Lens Types:

  • Kodak Unique HD
  • Kodak Unique DS
  • Kodak Unique
  • Kodak Digital
  • Kodak Precise PB
  • Kodak Precise
  • Kodak Concise
  • Kodak Photochromics
  • Kodak SoftWear
  • Kodak No-Glare

Downloadable Tools

Kodak Precise PB Sales Aid♦

Kodak Unique Lens Full Brochure♦

Kodak Dispensing Guide♦

Kodak HD Full Brochure†

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