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The Legacy Basic: A digital alternative to traditional value progressive designs

The IcareLabs’ Legacy Basic lens offers a value-priced lens in a digital freeform design. The Legacy Lenses: Basic is a smooth design offering wide fields of view in all three viewing areas. It compares well with traditional molded designs at twice the price. This lens is a great option for your price conscious patients, offering them ease of fit and wide fields of view not found in traditional value designs.

Legacy Basic is available in regular or mini versions with compensated add to insure your patient the perfect reading experience. Available in CR-39 and Polycarbonate in clear and Transitions VII. The Legacy Basic and Basic Mini combine the accuracy of digital with a value lens price point giving your patient the best value lens available.

This lens is a great upgrade for value-driven patients who use Shoreview®, Hoya Amplitude®, or Essilor Adaptar®. And, it comes with a complete Doctor Rx change and non-adapt warranty.

IcareLabs Legacy Lens Basic Benefits


The Legacy Pro: A well-balanced, premium digital surfaced lens

The IcareLabs’ Legacy Pro lens is a well-proportioned digital lens which utilizes a design that is similar to others’ premium molded designs. The Legacy is a balanced lens with wide distance and near zones, partnered with a good intermediate zone. This lens is the ultimate option for standard use.

Legacy Pro lenses are available in a regular and short corridor design with variable progressive lengths found only in digital lens designs. Unlike many digital designs, the Legacy can be ordered with specified base curves and is available in almost all material options. The technology uses guarantees that the power measured in the lens will always match the prescribed Rx. This creates a lens that is easily understood by the practitioner. The Legacy combines the accuracy of digital with the ease and flexibility of conventional designs to give you a lens value second to none.

Patients who use Varilux Comfort®, Varilux Ellipse®, Shamir Piccolo®, AO Compact® are a great match for Legacy Pro Lenses.

IcareLabs Legacy Lenses - Legacy Pro Benefits


The Legacy DRP: High-quality, custom-designed lens

icare legacy_lens_DRPThe Legacy DRP lens has been engineered to reach the best balance between the eye’s various fields of vision. By utilizing Digital Ray-Path (DRP) science, the Legacy DRP can offer clear and high precision distance vision, as well as an excellent near zone. This provides wearers with a perfect combination of quality and comfort. The technology used is based on an accurate simulation of the eye-lens model, correcting for prism, pantoscopic tilt, and wrapping angle. It can be used with any frame shape and is located at any distance from the eye. Digital Ray-Path will manage back and front surfaces, not just spherical, torical or standard aspherical or atorical surfaces. For every frame and lens design, the entire visual field is simulated. Image quality is computed by means of an imaging model, taking into account eye tracking and lens characteristics. In summary, this unique calculation method adapts lens characteristics to compensate for all the variable which effect final vision quality. Due to this accurate calculation, the final lens provides the optimum power for the wearer throughout the total lens surface, not just the optical center. This design represents the highest optical quality and advanced technology in the market. the lenses produced with this technology are top-quality products, with complete personalization.

The Legacy DRP offers a perfect balance between different visual regions, hight resolution, crisp vision, and larger visual fields. The lens is perfect for PAL wearers looking for a high-quality, custom-designed lens supported by the years of experience found at IcareLabs.

Patients who use Shamir Autograph III®, AO Easy, SOLAOne® HD, Sola HDV, Zeiss Individual® are a great match for Legacy DRP Lenses.

IcareLabs Legacy Lenses - Legacy DRP Advantages

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Legacy Lenses – Basic
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Legacy Lenses – Pro
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