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This page provides Varilux lens resources. You’ll find up-to-date, Varilux lens resources, including downloadable tools and product availability guide for Varilux progressive lenses, including Varilux S, Physio, and Comfort.


For sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance.

For decades, Essilor has been dedicated to a single goal: helping you achieve the most natural vision possible through leading-edge research and technology. That’s why over 400 million people have chosen Varilux lenses. They’re designed with you in mind, to provide sharp, natural vision at any distance and in any situation.

Varilux ECP Sales Aid♦

Varilux Product Portfolio

Varilux Rx Lens Availability Chart♦

Varilux Comfort Enhanced Fit Sales Aid♦

Varilux Physio Sales Aid

Varilux S Series Dispensing Guide†

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