In 2009, IcareLabs enhanced its in-house capabilities with the installation of an AR/Crizal Treatment Facility.  This expansion enables us to provide all of our customers with rapid turn-around time on all lenses ordered online with the most up-to-date lens treatments, including Crizal Avance UV, Crizal Alize and Crizal Easy.  Having our own internal facility also means that IcareLabs has more control and flexibility in regards to bettering our Crizal production and making it as efficient as possible.  It also allows for us to offer top of the line, on-site AR treatments such as ICE AR by utilizing Essilor patented technology which includes a super hydrophobic scratch-resistant top coat and Pad Control Systems.  With ICE AR lenses, you can provide your patients with a high-quality and affordable AR solution that out-performs the competition.

The wide range of featured AR Coatings we offer:

Icare AR
UV & Scratch Coatings
    • Crizal® Easy UV
    • Crizal Alize® UV
    • Crizal® Avancé UV
    • Crizal® PreVencia™
    • Crizal Sunshield® UV
    • Xperio UV™

    • Hoya Super HiVision

    • Standard AR+
    • ICE AR

    • KODAK CleAR
    • KODAK Clean 'n' CleAR

    • UV Filter
    • Scratch Coating